The Kage

Last Sunday of every month from 2pm till 8pm.

The Kage Club -- A Cathedral of Deviance.

The Kage Club, hosted by Dave the butcher, is a long established BDSM club
and is the North of Englands best attended fetish event. Friendly and welcoming it is perfect for those feeling their way onto the fetish scene, yet has more than enough going on to keep the more seasoned fetish veteran happy.  From the calm of the lounge all the way down to the very atmospheric and well equipped dungeon you'll find people more than happy to chat to any newcomers.

We can offer a meet and greet service for those coming along for their first visit to the club.

There are usually a couple of stalls selling quality BDSM toys and equipment  just in case you get the urge to play and you've not come prepared. Please note! there is a fetish dress code in place.
No Effort, No Entry!

Admission..... £10 per person. 

Product of Mancunia