Partners Loyalty Scheme


Here at Partners we like to show our appreciation by rewarding our loyal customers the best way we know how.


Please note: As a single you have to be a Member and have a Valid Membership Number to join the Loyalty Scheme.

Click on the register button at the top of the page and simple fill in your details in the boxes provided and submit to us.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration, ( if not received please make sure that the email has not gone in to your junk email).

To confirm please click on the link within the email and your loyalty scheme membership will become active.

Every time you visit Partners your account will be credited for the night of your visit. You can view your account any time simply by logging in using your user name and password. Once you have the required number of credits to entitle you to a free visit you can simply print off your own FREE ENTRY voucher and hand it in to the club on your next visit. 


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Single guys are required to be members.

Membership is £40 per year and is renewable every 12 months

Proof of membership must be produced on EVERY visit and a credit/visit will be registered against your account.

When you have accumulated a correct number of credits/visits you will be able to print off a “free entry” voucher.

Free entry vouchers are valid any night for 10 credits/visits. 

Although you are still credited with a credit/visit you are not able to use a free entry voucher on any party or Special event night.

(A party/special event night is any night where the admission charge is more than the normal admission charge)


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Although couples are not required to be members of the club to attend partners, they will be classed as members of the loyalty scheme and will have to provide a valid e-mail address to register.

There is no charge for a couple to join the scheme and once registered you will be classed as members until you request us to cancel your membership.

Every time you visit Partners a visit/credit will be registered to your account.

Once you have accumulated the required number of visits/credits you will gain free entry on a night of your choice. (Excluding any party nights).

(Party and special event nights are any night where the admission is more than the normal admission price)

All party and special event nights are advertised within the club and on partners web-site. You are still eligible for a visit/credit when you attend on a party or special event night.

Partners reserve the right to amend the terms and   conditions of the scheme at any time or to cancel or suspend the scheme without notice. Any persons found breaching any of the terms and conditions relating to the scheme will be excluded and their membership cancelled.


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How do I/We start to use the loyalty scheme.

a) When you first visit Partners you will be required to complete a form which requires a valid e-mail address, you will also be issued with a registration number.

a) Visit our web-site and click on the register button.

a) Simply fill in your details in the sign up boxes provided, pick a user-name and password then click the submit button

Do I/We have to register our details or can I/We join the scheme without registering.

a) Unfortunately to join partners loyalty scheme you will have to register your details, this enables us to manage your account and verify your number of visits.

Does the loyalty scheme limit us to one free entry.

a) The loyalty scheme is an ongoing programme and the more visits you make to partners the more credits you will register, you will be able to print off as many free entry tickets as your credits allow.

What happens when I/We have enough visits/credits on our account to gain free admission.

a) You simply print off your own free entry voucher and hand it in to partners reception on your next visit.

When I/We register our details will they be given or shown to any third parties.

a) Any information or details submitted to Partners is Strictly Confidential and will be used only by Partners to enable them to manage your Loyalty Scheme Account.

No customer information is shown or given to any third parties.


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