Frequently Asked Questions


We are a swingers club where like-minded adults can relax and enjoy some adult fun. Please never assume that all the people are here just to have sex.

The Golden Rule: No means NO

Do Not Touch Without Permission: If a lady or a couple are interested in you, then THEY will approach you.


Couples Only Room: This is exactly what it says. Strictly NO SINGLES are allowed in this room even by invitation. There is a 'Viewing Room' next to the 'Couples Room'

Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the club, but discreet facilities are provided to smoke outside the main entrance.

Alcohol: Although we do not sell alcohol we do not mind you bringing your own. It will be chilled and served back to you at your request. Bottles and glasses MUST NOT be taken out of the Lounge/Dining area and Pool Table Lounge area, should you wish to do so, please ask for a plastic cup.

If we consider that you have had too much to drink when you arrive, admission WILL be refused. If, whilst on premises you become too drunk, staff will refuse to serve you and may even ask you to leave.

Single Guys: Please remember that it is a privilege for a single guy to attend a swingers club so please don't jeopardize this privilege. All memberships must be produced on arrival.

These basic rules are for everyone's comfort and safety and it is important that these rules are adhered to.

Our staff are there to help you should you have any questions, and to take care of you while you are our guest. Please treat them with respect and courtesy.

If you don't agree with them or don't want to 'play' by these rules then please feel free to go play and endanger someone somewhere else.

Thank you for your co-operation. We hope to see you soon.

The Management.